An Emerging Generation of Ninja Warrior Athletes

Seldom in our lives can we look back with pride the way we do with the athletes in the Obstacle Academy Youth Ninja Team program. Over the course of several months, we have seen an effort from these young athletes to improve and perform at an unseen competitive level. From the youngest team, all the way up through the ranks, the the strength, motivation, and team spirit is a chilling event to witness.

When the program began, the youth trained tirelessly on the basic movements needed to navigate through obstacles. As the program advanced, they began training on obstacles that require more strength and endurance. Within the last few weeks, we have seen a mental growth and maturity that we never expected. The last competition was the most difficult string of obstacles they had ever seen, both in length, and the required strength and obstacle knowledge to complete. This only led to the most entertaining and inspiring performance we've observed in a youth Ninja Warrior competition. The athletes adjusted on the fly, applied every bit of knowledge they have learned, and unbelievable strength they have worked for, in a way that few people in the world can dream to mimic.

We can not stress enough how proud we are to watch the development of these young athletes as they mature into capable, intelligent, and strong competitors. As their abilities increase gradually, they will not always recognize the incredible improvements they've achieved. If they apply this same tenacity and desire to do well in all other areas of life, there won't be boundaries on what they can accomplish. They are learning to think through barriers and problem solve in the most creative and inspiring way. This particular bunch of kids will change the sport of competitive obstacle course races. The discipline, good nature, and work ethic present at an age this young is an amazing thing to witness.

As the competitions continue, they recognize that no matter how they do, there will always be more competitions. Whether they win or lose, their friends, family and team will always be there and be proud. The nervousness fades, and shifts into excitement. There will always be competitors with more experience; they have a head-start, and that's fine, they'll catch up.

There will always be competitors with a little better luck; we won't be scared of an unfavorable run-order. However, there won't be competitors who outwork our youth, and that makes them unbeatable.

Thank you athletes, and parents, for sticking with the program and helping develop and revolutionize a sport.

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