UNAA Finals: Performance & Character

As a ninja coach, you think that you have complete control over your athletes. You decide what obstacles they train on, how they condition - you even control their behavior. On competition day, you hear the rules and see the course. You dictate the athletes’ warm up, their course planning, and their preparation. Then the whistle blows, and your athlete’s run begins. At that moment you must trust that they have listened to and absorbed everything you’ve taught them. At that moment, you have no control. UNAA Championships - Day 1: Obstacle Academy arrived at La Cueva High School for the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) World Finals with confidence. While we knew what we were capable o

Why a Ninja Team?

Almost a year ago, forty individual youth walked into Obstacle Academy with no idea what to expect. They were put through a series of movements, some were basic and required no strength, some were slightly more complicated. The data they earned on each event, coupled with their strength and natural tendency to move, funneled them into one of four groups. These groups are the Obstacle Academy Youth Ninja Teams -- the most rewarding and exciting venture of our professional careers. Over the course of 10 months, the mass of youth became friends, training partners, and more. They grew together as a team, and to us, they became individuals. The mass of youth took individual form, on a level where

American Ninja Warrior Podcast with Sarah Schoback

Obstacle Academy Owner, Sarah Schoback, talks with Matt Iseman about what it's like to be a woman athlete, mom, and gym owner. Sarah is joined by fellow American Ninja Warrior athlete Sara Heesen. Podcast Link

Highest Level of Youth Ninja Warrior Competition

A change is coming to the Obstacle Academy Youth Ninja Team Program. Not a change in the format of practices, not a change in the day-to-day operations of training established by the coaches, and not a change related to the new equipment & obstacles being fabricated for the gym. This is a change that will occur in several young ninja athletes that will ripple through all the Obstacle Academy youth athletes, coaches, friends, and family. This is a change that will forever morph the attitudes and awareness of a few young ninjas and will be life altering to all those involved with the youth program. “Stuff” is about to get real. This month, we have two youth traveling to Los Angeles to compet

StarTribune Previews ANW-Minneapolis

Obstacle Academy owner Sarah Schoback was quoted in a StarTiibune offering a glimpse of the Minneapolis filming of American Ninja Warrior Season 10. The article highlights how Minnesota has become a hotbed of competitive ninja warrior athletes and ninja gyms. Article Link

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