National Ninja League Qualifier


Obstacle Academy is a participating member of the National Ninja League, the world's leading not-for-profit ninja warrior organization.

The National Ninja League (NNL) offers two levels of competition: regular NNL competitions geared for experienced ninja athletes striving to qualify for and compete at the World Championships and Recreation Ninja League (RNL) competitions which are designed for ninjas who are newer to the sport and looking to build up competition experience.

Obstacle Academy will be hosting the North Central Regionals (Date TBD). 


Youth: $60
Adults: $70

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Email us at with any questions about the competition or registration.

NNL Qualifier

December 18th

Recreational Competition

The Recreational Competitions are designed with our Juniors and Pre-Team kids in mind. They are dedicated for those just feeling out the competitive scene.

Age Divisions:
5-6 Years Old
7-8 Years Old
9-13 Years Old


November Competition:
30$ before/on November 20th
35$ on/after November 21st

January Competition:
30$ before/on January 15th
35$ on/after January 16th


November 28th


January 23rd

Multi-Discipline Competition

This is our three day, multi-discipline competition. Each day will focus on a different aspect of ninja.

Sign-up is restricted to our Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite Teams or by invite for those from other local gyms. 


Dynamic: The Dynamic competition will focus on the high flying thrills of ninja and will consist of many technical laches and upper body movements. Competitors will have the opportunity to run twice, best run stands.

Endurance: The Endurance competition is a gauntlet of grip strength and will require an immense amount of upper body strength and control. Competitors will have one run on an extended course.

Speed: The Speed competition will appear to be the easiest course of the three divisions, but don't let that fool you, athletes will have to full send and commit to tricky beta at an incredibly fast pace. Competitors will have three runs with their best run standing.


January 7th


January 8th


January 9th