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OA Youth Ninja Team is a unique ninja warrior program comprised of committed ninja athletes and overseen by professional and dedicated Ninja Warrior Coaches. The Program provides a team atmosphere and a consistent experience at practices and competitions. All youth team athletes practice at least twice a week at designated times; are highly encouraged to compete at OA 'in-house', World Ninja League (WNL), and Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) competitions; have access to a youth ninja team-only open gym, and unlimited access to weekend open gym times. 

Average Performance Improvement of

OA Youth Ninja Warrior Athletes





Full Season


*Averages are a blend of our performance metrics. Individual results will vary.

Ninja Team Interest Form

Cancellation Policy: If there comes a time you would like to pause or cancel your membership, you need to email us at BEFORE the first of the month. You can send an email out the night of the 31st and you won’t be charged the following day.  However, once the month has started, you will not receive any refund if you wish to cancel your membership.

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