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Elite Team

Obstacle Academy offers four Elite Teams: Level 1A, 1B, 1C, and Level 2.


The Elite Ninja Team is Obstacle Academy’s invite-only team for experienced athletes who level-up from the Advanced Team. The Elite Ninja Teams are Coached by our most experienced Coaches, Hunter Guerard, Sam Farr, Ethan Robbins, and Travis Scotting. These coaches know intimately the physical and mental demands of competing in Ninja Warrior at the highest level. Consideration for the Elite Team requires more than just skill level; athlete candidates must also demonstrate strong character, maturity, and responsibility.


Elite Ninja Team represents the pinnacle of the OA Youth Ninja Team program. Elite Team members set the bar for the program, represent Obstacle Academy in the oldest youth age groups, and serve as mentors and examples to younger Youth Ninja Team athletes. Ninjas on the Elite Team rigorously refine advanced techniques, competition strategies, and mental fortitude. OA Elite Ninja Team athletes regularly qualify and compete in the World Championships for the National Ninja League and the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association.

Mentorship, Coaching, & Course Design: Elite Team athletes who demonstrate maturity and responsibility will be invited to assist in the coaching of Pre-Team, Rec Team, Team Prep classes as well as Junior and Intermediate Ninja Teams. This is a particularly unique and valuable component of the OA Youth Ninja program as it provides an opportunity for interaction and mentorship from Elite Team athletes with younger athletes who aspire to the Elite level and look up to the Elite Team members. The Elite Team will also gain exposure to course design and obstacle set-up with oversight from the Program Director. The combination of learning to coach younger ninjas and gain insight into the logic & strategy of course design provides valuable growth and development in both life and the sport of ninja.

 Cost: $350-465/month* plus tax 

*Sibling Discount: For our families with more than one youth ninja warrior we offer 15% off monthly enrollment fees for additional siblings; e.g. the first youth ninja warrior family member will be billed at the normal monthly rate, and any additional siblings will be offered a 15% discount from the normal monthly rate. 

Cancellation Policy: If there comes a time you would like to pause or cancel your membership, you need to email Sara at BEFORE the first of the month. You can send an email out the night of the 31st and you won’t be charged the following day.  However, once the month has started, you will not receive any refund if you wish to cancel your membership.



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