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How Risks Can Lead to a Happy and Successful Life

I got this cut while testing one of the obstacles in Indianapolis for ANW8!

So the other day a kid from one of my ninja classes asked me about the scars on my face. It surprised me because I never really notice my scars anymore. So I gave him the stories of a couple of my scars and how I got them… my favorite being the one on my eyebrow where Dustin, my brother, decided to throw a rock at my face because I wouldn’t play tag with him; thanks bro.

(Check out the cut next to my eye in this picture! This one was not from my brother)

With all the changes happening in my life currently this conversation got me thinking about something. With all of the crazy, idiotic things I did as a kid (and as an adult too…) the scars are the last thing I think of. Heck, I don’t even know how I got many of my scars. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up with two older brothers and you consistently get elected to be the test dummy. The thing I do think of is all the fun times and great things that came from taking risks.

Fast forward to present day, I regret none of the risks I took that gave me the scars that I have because it made me into who I am today; A person who is not afraid to take great risks to achieve even better rewards.

A few weeks ago I finished my final semester of college! WOO! Many graduates will go off and find stable 9-5, M-F jobs. Good for them, I wish them all to be successful. Me? I’m going to keep taking risks and keep pushing to succeed and better myself because now is the time to take risks, while we are young.

I’m going to be a ninja who buys real estate. Yup, sounds pretty foolish. What isn’t foolish is that every single day I wake up knowing I absolutely love the work I do. Can you say the same? If not, maybe now is the time to take risks and do what you love. I’m not saying quit your steady job or go and blow all of your money. Just don’t be afraid to take a risk… because you still have the rest of your life to heal if you fail.

If it makes you feel more confident, I am working in an industry that is in its infancy and has no guarantee on being here in 5 years. On top of that, I am currently in the process of buying my second property and taking on another huge financial risk. The reason I am not afraid is because I have worked tirelessly to prepare myself for these risks. And guess what... if I fail, I still have the rest of my life to build myself back up.

For everyone who also graduated this winter, CONGRATS! WE DID IT! We are young, now is the time to take risks… now go out and do something you love!

A huge thank you to everyone in my life, present and in the past, who have helped me get to this point! Couldn’t have done it without you 😊

Finally, If you would like to keep up with my ninja antics, you can follow my athlete page at:

***I had to make this speech here because god knows I would’ve never been able to do a valedictorian speech***

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