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Youth Ninja Team Program

A highly disciplined and structured youth program built to train the next generation of Ninja Warrior athletes


Ages 3+

The Rec Team is a transitional program designed to prepare new ninjas for the more rigorous Ninja Team program.


Ages 5+

Highly structured & disciplined program for youth ninja warrior athletes. Multiple Teams. Weekly practices. Competitions.

Why Obstacle Academy:

Open-ended classes and open gyms fail to provide the structure and consistency that parents desire and young ninja athletes need. Obstacle Academy became the first gym in the nation to create a highly structured youth ninja warrior team program with dedicated and consistent professional ninja warrior Coaches. Some of the attributes setting OA's ninja team program apart are:


  • Programming and teams organized based on a combination age, skill, and maturity levels.

  • Multiple programs and teams offered to ensure no mismatches among ages and skill levels and avoid the dilutive effect these mismatches have on coaching.

  • Our Ninja Team program is built on inclusiveness and teamwork.

  • The program is overseen by dedicated & consistent Ninja Warrior Coaches.


Average Performance Improvement of

OA Youth Ninja Warrior Athletes





Full Season


*Averages are a blend of our performance metrics from Junior, Intermediate, Advanced, & Elite Teams. Individual results will vary.

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