Name: Sarah Schoback

Alias: Ninja of the North

Age: 32

Hometown: Hastings, MN

Ninja Since: 2015

Signature Obstacle: Campus Board or Cliff Hanger

Inspiration: My Daughters

Favorite Food: Candy. Candy. All Candy.

Shows/Competitions: Team Ninja Warrior Season 2 & 3, America Ninja Warrior Season 9, NNL Classic City 2017, Conquer the Gauntlet Iowa 2016, OCR World Championships 2016, Savage Race Florida 2017

Awards/Achievements: Top Female Competitor American Ninja Warrior 9 Kansas City City Qualifier, 2nd Place at Conquer the Gauntlet 2016, 4th Place Savage Race Florida 2017, 4th Place NNL Classic City 2017, OCR World Championships 2016 and 2017.