COVID-19 Update #3:

As you have likely seen by now, Governor Walz has issued an Executive Order mandating closure of gyms/community centers/health clubs, among other businesses, through March 27th to aggressively combat the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve. It is with a mixture of understanding, respect, appreciation, and some sadness that we will be temporarily closing our doors through March 27th to comply. Given the circumstances of the ongoing spread of COVID-19 & the reasoning for the executive order, we suspect it might ultimately be extended beyond March 27th.
The presence of COVID-19 will likely continue to exist once we are able to reopen. We plan to maintain the heightened cleaning & sanitization procedures implemented prior to the Governor’s mandate and doing what we can to continue promoting social distancing within our practices and programs while maintaining the safest environment that we are able to for kids and families. While we will all get through this and life will return to normal at some point, we suspect that process towards normalization will be a gradual one and plan to operate our facility as such.
Updates following the temporary closure:

  • Youth Ninja Team Program: We will be implementing a rollout of virtual practices, recorded lessons, and Facebook Livefeeds to keep kids active and engaged. And of equal importance – keeping everyone plugged into the community and connected with Head Coaches Hunter & Sara. Families participating in the Youth Ninja Team, Ninja Team Prep, Pre-Ninja Team, and the Rec Ninja Team will be receiving emails with additional info in the coming days.

  • Adult Members: Similar to the Youth Program, Hunter and Sara will be putting together an online program for your exclusive use. We will send out a direct email soon with additional details in the coming days.

  • Birthday Parties: If you have a Birthday Party booked with us between now and March 27th, we will be reaching out to you this week.

  • Spring Break Camps & Open Gyms: All Spring Break Camps & Open Gyms are canceled. If you have registered for a Spring Break camp session, we will be reaching out to you this week.

  • Summer Camps: As our State and Country work aggressively to flatten the curve, it’s possible COVID-19 will still be part of our lives into the Summer months. In addition to maintaining our heightened cleaning & sanitation procedures, we are also preparing to lower the capacity of our Summer camps if need be to continue doing our part on prevention & practice social distancing.


We are honestly still digesting having to close the gym as we know the programs represent so much more to the families and athletes. We are beyond grateful for the expressions of support many of you have already sent us. We cannot overstate how fortunate we are to have so many of you allow us, and our coaches, into your lives and your families.
Looking forward to seeing everyone on the other side of all of this!
Warm Regards,
Sarah Schoback, Owner
Sara Heesen, Gym Manager
Hunter Guerard, Youth Program Director

COVID-19 Update #2:

We want to keep you up to date with our increased efforts to help ensure we are doing our part to keep you and your family safe and healthy in this unique & challenging time.  


We pride ourselves on having a clean facility and have already taken measures to increase disinfecting commonly touched spaces such as ipads, door handles, counter tops, drinking fountains, and bathrooms multiple, MULTIPLE times throughout the day.  Our cracked hands from overcleaning are proof we are taking this seriously. Today we have decided to take our disinfecting to the next level and are deep cleaning the entire gym including obstacle holds, bars, landing mats, post covers, landing blocks, and balance equipment every week.    


During any team practices we are implementing a strict ‘hands-to-yourself policy’ for the kiddos and spacing teams so that each team has their own space in the gym when there is more than one team practicing at the same time.


Schedule Updates:

  • We have decided to completely cancel public weekend open gyms in order to reduce traffic through the gym.

  • Birthday Parties will have exclusive use of the gym with ample space to practice social distancing. If you currently have a party booked with us in the coming weeks and would like to reschedule or cancel, please let us know.

  • We will be maintaining the existing Youth Ninja Team Program practice schedule, which includes Pre-Ninja Team, Ninja Team Prep, and Rec Ninja Team.

  • Spring Break Camps: We are reducing the capacity of these camps from 30 to 20 in order to promote social distancing.


We want to reiterate that if you or your athlete are sick – please stay home. As we continue to work on creative ways to improve distancing amongst the kiddos, we would also ask that parents & spectators be mindful of distancing from one another in the viewing area. To the extent parents can, please try not to bring any extra siblings to the gym during practices. While we have many young athletes and this may not be practical or possible for many parents, for those with older athletes please consider options other than staying at the gym during your athlete’s practice to help us keep the total number of people in the facility to a minimum.


Lastly, we cannot overstate how much we appreciate every one of you as parents and your athletes. The gym, the program, and the incredible community that has grown out of it all is only possible through the families and the athletes. The gym is an empty facility. It’s the families and the kiddos that bring life and community. The coming weeks will be challenging for everyone in unique ways, but we don’t want to lose sight of the fact that it is temporary in the long run. We will get through it!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!


Warmest Regards,


Sarah Schoback, Owner

Sara Heesen, Gym Manager

Hunter Guerard, Youth Program Director

COVID-19 Update #1:

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak and general community concern, we want to assure our families that safety remains our number one priority. We have implemented extra sanitization measures and are asking families to take preventative measures before entering the gym. OA is sanitizing the equipment and facility daily with the approved CDC products to combat infection. We are also sanitizing all door handles and drinking fountains after every class. In addition, we will require all athletes to wash their hands when entering the gym and before leaving. We also recommend parents do the same when arriving and before leaving to help with prevention efforts. We have asked our coaches to remind athletes regularly to avoid touching their faces and limit physical contact with one another. 

If your child is coughing, has a fever, or stayed home from school -- PLEASE keep them home. If you as a spectator are coughing, have a fever, or stayed home from work -- please do not enter the facility. If you or your child have had any known contact with a confirmed case, or have recently traveled outside of the Country -- please do not come to the gym. If you are questioning whether or not you should keep your child home please keep in mind the other children and parents. If an athlete appears to be ill or has a persistent cough we will send them home until they feel well.

We recommend that hands are washed thoroughly (athletes and spectators) before and after visiting the gym. Restrooms are in the back of the gym and hand sanitizers are stationed at several locations throughout the gym. If possible, please refrain from bringing in any extra kids or spectators to the facility.

Because of increased testing in the next two weeks, the number of positive cases is expected to continue to rise. Although it appears the virus is mild in children, they can still carry and spread the infection. We ask everyone to do their part to help prevent infection and protect our community. 

This is a rapidly evolving situation which we are closely monitoring. We will update everyone with any changes.

Warm Regards,

Sarah Schoback


7615 Golden Triangle Dr.

Eden Prairie, MN 55344


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