COVID-19 Information Page

With the resumption of youth sports on Jan. 4th, the Minnesota Dept. of Health (MDH) has updated the Youth Sports & Youth Program guidelines. Since Obstacle Academy re-opened after the initial shutdown in March 2020 we have implemented some of the highest COVID safety measures & protocols; our standards leading up to the Nov/Dec shutdown were already in compliance with the newly updated MDH guidelines for youth sports beginning on Jan. 4th. Some of our protocols will actually continue to exceed the new requirements.

The primary new MDH updates include:

  • Face masks are required for all participants during activity.

  • Group/Practice Sizes are limited to 25 kids; if multiple groups are practicing at the same time, there should be 12 feet between groups.

  • Limited Parent Spectators: MDH recommends against parents staying to watch practice with exceptions, including the young age of participants, disability, or other circumstance.

All of our youth sports programming and related camps operate well below the 25 size limit per practice. We limit our Youth Ninja Team program practice sizes to 12 kids, and camp offerings are limited to 15 kids. During timeslots where more than one practice is taking place, our 14,000 sq ft facility allows ample 12 foot distancing between separate groups. We will also continue to ask parents to only pick-up/drop-off their kids for practices & camps to the extent possible.


We certainly understand the concept of a facemask for kids during physical activity may sound challenging. Our entire Youth Ninja Team program has been practicing with face coverings since June, and all the kids quickly adapted to the new normal. Many great mask options are available online, including masks designed for athletics with more structure and moisture-wicking material. If your athlete struggles with the mask, please feel free to ask one of the coaches for advice or recommendations.

We remain committed to ensuring we can appropriately refine and adapt to all of our new COVID safety measures to maximize the safety of athletes, parents, families, and coaches to the best of our ability.

Please see our COVID plans and protocols below, and refer to this page for ongoing future updates.

Kind Regards,

Sarah Schoback


Facility and Staff Protocols:


  • Hands-free sanitizers at the Entrance and Exit of the facility.

  • Hands-free sanitizers at the entrances to the gym floor.

  • Hand sanitizers throughout the parent viewing area.

  • Wipes for wiping additional equipment throughout gym.

  • Only touch-free water bottle filling open on drinking fountains

    • Normal drinking fountain will be taped off.

  • Bathrooms closed except for emergencies.

  • Child/Sibling play area closed.

  • Anti-bacterial chalk for athletes.

  • Chairs spaced at least 6ft apart in parent viewing area.

  • Grass area outside is available for parents/families to use during practices.

  • Staff will be required to wear facemasks.

  • Staff will wipe down commonly used areas between practices.

  • Staff will fog the facility with hospital-grade disinfectant twice a week.


Athletes’ and Parents’ expectations:


  • Arrive no more than 5 mins before practice starts.

  • Sanitize hands as you enter and exit the facility.

  • Sanitize hands as you enter and exit the gym floor.

  • Maintain 6ft between you and the person next to you.

  • Kids will need to keep their hands to themselves.

  • Bring your own water bottles.

  • Use the bathroom before you arrive.

  • Drop-off kids or one adult per athlete in the facility at a time.

  • No additional siblings or parents in the facility.

  • If you have a fever or do not feel well, please stay home.


Youth Team Practices & Youth Camps:


  • Teams will be assigned a warm-up section.

  • When athletes arrive they will go to an X in their assigned warmup area, placed 6ft apart.

  • Before entering the gym they will sanitize their hands.

  • ALL athletes MUST have a facemask.

  • Athletes will practice on a series of obstacles and will wait 6ft apart until their turn.

  • Athletes will use anti-bacterial chalk before starting on hand-based obstacles.

  • Athletes will be on the same obstacles but hand sanitizers at the entrance and sanitizing chalk should help limit germ transfer.

  • Team practice times will be spaced appropriately. through the gym to maintain 6ft distancing.